Creamy Caramac Buttons VG 100G

by As Raw As


Product Description

These creamy chocolate buttons are handmade using our Dairy-Free Stoneground and aged Caramac. The perfect choice for those who prefer lighter chocolate. It is flavoured with a vegan Butterscotch extract.

A Home compostable kraft bag will keep your buttons fresh and this can be popped onto your compost heap when finished with or in your home recycling compost bin.


All of our chocolate is made to order to ensure that you receive it as fresh as possible.

Allergen Information

Made in our dedicated kitchen which is free from Dairy, Gluten, Wheat and Soya. Made in premises which handle NUTS, PEANUTS & SESAME.

Further Details

Ingredients: Criolla Raw Cacao Butter, Unrefined Coconut Sugar, Lucuma Powder, Inulin Powder, Vanilla,* Banana Powder, Xylitol, Vegan Butterscotch extract *, Himalayan pink salt
*organically sourced and vegan friendly