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High Street Hero - Alessandro Ventricelli

Great Chef and lover of all things Italian.

12 George Street, Bath, BA1 2EH



Burger Bun Pk Of 6

The ultimate white bun - enriched with buttermilk and sourdough to give a lip-smacking slight sweetness.

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Organic Wild White Sourdough 800g

Moist and chewy true sourdough made with Hobbs Bakery's 64 year-old starter

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St Martin Sliced Sourdough

1.25kgs of flavoursome sourdough - lasts for ages and will keep you going all week!

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Gift Gluten Free Sliced Loaf

Delicious gluten free loaf packed with grains and made primarily from sorghum and teff.

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Organic Rye Sourdough 800g

Made with just three ingredients, rye, water & salt...& the famous Hobbs 64 year old sourdough starter.

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Organic Wholemeal 800g

Soft & moist, using stoneground wholemeal flour & only a tiny amount of yeast.

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Large Sourdough 1200g

Richard Bertinet's amazing Sourdough. A huge loaf which will keep for days (unless you eat it all at once)!

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Sourdough Starter Kit

All you need to start baking - 1 jar sourdough starter, 2kg Shipton Mill white flour, 1 dough scraper

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