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High Street Hero - Esther & Omar

Inspired by our childhood days spent sipping mint tea and dipping fresh bread into amlou with views of the Atlas Mountains, we were convinced we had to share this delicious superfood with the world. Amlou is a staple of our childhood diet – a deliciously pure spread made from roasted nuts and cold-pressed argan oil from our native Berber Atlas Mountains. It tastes as good as you imagine it would. Driven by our passion for the simplicity and purity of traditional Berber food, we’re on a mission to bring a sense of discovery and adventure into your food. True to Berber tradition, our amlou nut butters are made using only the finest plant-based ingredients and delicious superfoods – meaning you can confidently spoon them straight from the jar!

24 Gloucester Rd , Bristol, BS7 8AE