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High Street Hero - Kadie

Farside Coffee, founded by Kadie Regan was borne from the desire to have a really good cold brew in the UK, having been inspired in America. For the best cold brew experience the coffee beans used have been specially selected from Peru and Rwanda, both through schemes that support females working in the coffee bean process of these countries.

Burnett, Bristol, BS31 2TF

Cold Brew Coffee


4 Pack Mixed Cold Brew

Plastic Free - 4 x 250ml Ready to drink bottles Perfect for your fridge at home or work - a pick me up just when you need...

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12 Pack Peru

Plastic Free - 12 x 250ml Ready to drink bottles Fill your boots with intrepid flavours from afar. Discover a bold rich peak, a dart...

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12 Pack Rwanda

Plastic Free - 12 x 250ml Ready to drink bottles Hello Mellow! Born in the land of a thousand hills, our cooly refreshing Rwandan brew...

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12 Pack Mixed Origin

Plastic Free - 12 x 250ml Ready to drink bottles 6 of each origin - get the best of both worlds! Vegan friendly Sugar Free Dairy...

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2 Bottle Gift Pack

One Rwanda, one Peru all enclosed in our beautiful, pink gift box. Perfect as a gift or just to treat yourself! Deep, bold and crisp...

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Indy Coffee Guide South West & South Wales No 5

Crammed with nearly 200 pioneering speciality coffee shops and hot new finds, this fifth edition of the award winning Independent Coffee...

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