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High Street Hero - Tom

The original 'Reg the Veg' was Reg Meek, who opened the shop back in the 1960s. Since then, it's passed into the hands of the Hagon family and is run by father and son team John and Tom. ​ From Reg with love We're proud to offer quality produce - seasonal and local where possible, with varieties - and prices - that you often won't find in the supermarkets. ​We're the preferred supplier of many of Bristol's best restaurants, so from Sunday roasts to Saturday night cocktails, you'll often find Reg the Veg on the menu!

6 Boyce's Ave, Bristol, BS8 4AA



Blueberries (150g)

Plastic-free- In season blueberries - perfect for adding to smoothies and cereal.

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Raspberries (150g)

Plastic-free. The freshest raspberries - perfect for a summerfruit crumble!

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Cheddar Strawberries 225gms

Plastic-free. A punnet of Cheddar's famous strawberries - even jucier and fresher!

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Roast Dinner Winner Box

Plastic-free- Oh yes, a classic roast dinner is always a winner. All the fresh fruit & veg you need to cook the best roast and desert...

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Medium Fruit & Veg Box

Plastic-free- A fantastically fresh medley for your weekly fruit and veg intake to enjoy with family and friends. All easy to cook,...

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Large Fruit & Veg Box

Plastic-free- For the fruit & veg lovers! A wonderfully wide fresh selection to get taste buds going. Includes Veg; Potatoes New (1...

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Large Office Box

Plastic-free Includes: - Apples (x 14) - Conference Pears (x 8) - Bananas (x 14) - Kiwis (x 8) - Green Grapes (500g) - Reg...

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Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box

Plastic-free The best of British seasonal Fruit of Veg, ready for you to discover. Includes Veg;Tomatoes cherry vine (500g),...

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Rhubarb (500g)

Plastic-free. It's rhubarb season! This fresh rhubarb is perfect for crumbles or infusing gin.

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