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High Street Hero - Peter

Since qualifying from Newcastle University in Agriculture and after an initial spell in the army, I have held many jobs in the agricultural sector including managing a large scale organic mixed farm, crop processing and agronomy. When a traditional butchers came up for sale in Newport, Gwent twelve years ago, I snapped it up and learnt the techniques for producing a wide range of goods. In 2009 a business nearer to home in Henleaze, Bristol came up and with the help of Graham (below) we transferred some of the technologies from Newport and expanded the business and developed our reputation. When not working, my interests are all outdoors: shooting, sailing and skiing and of course cooking.

101 Henleaze Road, Bristol, BS9 4JP



Snowdonia Individual Cheeses 200g

Varieties: Green Thunder,Red devil,Ruby Mist,,Ginger spice, Beechwood,Amber mist,Bouncing berry,Black bomber

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Free Range Chicken Roast & Breakfast Box

This box is how you rule the roast. Perfect for family and friends. 4 - 6 People. Includes: - Local Free Range Whole Chicken...

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Free Range Pork Roast & Breakfast Box

Try our succulent free range Pork. Perfect for family and friends. For 4 - 6 People . Includes: - Free Range Pork leg (1.4kg ) -...

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Grass Fed Beef Roast & Breakfast Box Box

Scrumptious Beef. Perfect for Family or Friends. For 4 - 6 People - Grass Fed Beef Topside (1.4kg ) - Hand cut, dried cured Back...

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Salt Marsh Lamb Roast & Breakfasr Box

Welsh Gower Bred Lamb. Perfect for Family and Friends. Perfect for 4 - 6 People - Leg of Lamb Half (1.5kg) - Free Range Pork...

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Summer Bbq Box (Deluxe)

For entertaining those special guests - All you need for that perfect BBQ weather. Feeds 10 comfortably. Includes: - Pork Chipolatas...

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Summer Bbq Box (Standard)

All you need for that perfect BBQ weather. Feeds 10 comfortably. Includes: - Pork Chipolatas (x20) - Lamb Koftas (x10) - Pork...

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Brunch Box

Includes: - Large free range eggs x6 - Bacon Thick unsmoked rashers (x6) - Large free range pork & leek sausages (x6) - Free range...

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Family Meat Box

For couples and Small Families Includes; - Extra Lean Beef Mince (500g) - Chicken Breasts (2 x 220g) - Pork Sausages Large...

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Easy Supper Box

Perfect for 2 - 4 People ( We will provide instructions on delivery or collection) Includes: - Mini Rib Eye Streak (4 x 4oz) -...

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Family Meat Box (Large)

Perfect for a family of 4 Includes; - Extra Lean Beef Mince (2 x 300g) - Chicken Breasts (3 x 230g) - Beef Diced (Lean Braising...

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Hi Protein Healthy Box

A high protein no fat box. Contains: Large chicken breasts, (4) Wild venison steaks. 2x 4oz Turkey escalopes 4x 4oz Molesworths...

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Salt Lamb Marsh Box

Includes: - Half Leg of Lamb (1.2kg) - Whole Shoulder of Lamb (2kg) - Minced Lamb (500g) - Loin Lamb Chops / Cutlests (x4)

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Seasonal Game Box

A taste of the country side, for the more adventurous foodies. Includes: - Whole Pheasant - Whole Rabbit - Venison Diced...

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Steak Box

Includes : - Sirloin / Rib Eye Steak (2 x 8oz) - Fillet Steak Centre Cut (2 x 4oz) - Lamb Leg Steak (2 x 4oz) - Free Range Pork...

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Winter Warmer Box

Includes: - Mutton Diced (500g) - Shin Beef Diced (500g) - Lamb Shank (2 x 450g approx.) - Whole Free Range Chicken Legs...

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