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Gloucester Road Fruiterers

High Street Hero - Alistair & Taylor

Gloucester Road Fruiterers was originally known as Alex's Fruits, and was passed on to Alistair Biggs and family. It is one of the rare traditional greengrocers, located on the Gloucester Road in Bristol. Alistair has spent all his working life serving the community with the finest quality produce, seasonal and local where possible. At Gloucester Road Fruiterers we pride ourselves on "Quality First"

135 Gloucester Road , Bristol, BS7 8BA
Coconut Milk Per Tin
Banana 6 Per Pack
Coconut Whole
Kiwi 3 Per Pack
Melon Frog Skin (Cantaloupe) Whole
Melon Galia Whole
Pineapple Whole
Watermelon Slice
Watermelon Whole
Apples Braeburn 4 Per Pack
Apples British Bramley Cooking 4 Per Pack
Apples Braeburn 7 Per Pack
Apples Granny Smith 7 Per Pack
Apples Granny Smith 4 Per Pack
Apples Cox 7 Per Pack
Apples Jazz 7 Pack
Apples Pink Lady 4 Per Pack
Apples Pink Lady 7 Per Pack
Apples Royal Gala 4 Per Pack
Apples Royal Gala 7 Per Pack
Pears Conference 4 Per Pack
Grapefruit Ruby Red 2 Per Pack
Lemon 3 Per Pack
Limes 3 Per Pack
Oranges Large Orange Naval 3 Per Pack
Satsumas Bag (600g)
Chillies Green (100g)
Chillies Red (100g)
Chillies Scotch Bonnet (100g)
Garlic Bulbs Large 2 Per Pack
Garlic Net ( Approx 6 Bulbs)
Ginger Root (150g Approx)
Lemon Grass 2 Per Pack
Onions Brown 3 Pack
Onions Large Red 3 Per Pack
Shallots (400g)
Shallots Echalion (400g)
Apricots Dried 250g
Date Medjool Loose 5 Pack
Dried Mushrooms Garniture De Champignons (100g)
Figs Dried (250g)
Prunes Dried 250g
Tomatoes Sun Dried (250g)
Basil (100g)
Chives (90g)
Coriander Bunch (170g Approx.)
Dill (90g)
Mint Bunch (150g Approx)
Oregano (90g)
Parsley Flat Leaf (150g Approx)
Rosemary (90g)
Sage (90g)
Thyme (90g)
Beans French (200g)
Broccoli Crown Whole
Cabbage Red Whole
Cabbage White Half
Cauliflower Whole
Cavolo Nero Bag (250g Approx)
Courgette Large 3 Per Pack
Kale Bag (300g Approx)
Spring Green Bag (250g Approx)
Beetroot Bunched (500g Approx)
Carrots Bunched (500g Approx)
Carrots Loose (750g)
Celeriac Whole
Leeks Large 3 Per Pack
Parsnips (750g)
Potatoes Baby (1kg)
Potatoes Baking 3 Per Pack
Potatoes Jersey Royal (750g)
Potatoes King Edward (2kg)
Potatoes Maris Piper (2.5kg)
Potatoes Sweet (1kg)
Potatoes Cyprus (1kg)
Swede Whole (400g Approx.)
Aubergines Whole 2 Per Pack
Bean Sprouts (250g)
Butternut Squash Large Whole
Mushroom Button 300g
Cooked Corn On The Cob 2 Per Pack
Mushroom Oyster (250g)
Mushrooms Chestnut (250g)
Mushrooms Closed Cup (250g)
Mushrooms Shiitake (250g)
Mushrooms Portobello (250g)
Banana Box 18kg
Beetroot Loose (10kg)
Free Range Eggs (Key Tray)
Garlic Loose 4.5 Kg Net
Lemons (Box Of 88)
Limes (Box Of 54)
Mushrooms Closed Cup Tray
Onion Spanish (20kg)
Potatoes Chipping (Lovers) 20kg
Sweet Potatoes (6kg)
Tomatoes Class 1 6kg Box
Baby Leaf Salad (100g)
Celery Whole
Cucumber Large Whole
Fennel Bulb Whole
Lettuce Cos Whole
Lettuce Iceberg Whole
Lettuce Little Gem 2 Per Pack
Peppers Green 3 Per Pack
Peppers Mixed 3 Per Pack
Peppers Red 3 Per Pack
Peppers Yellow 3 Per Pack
Rocket (100g Approx)
Radish Bunch (200g Approx)
Spring Onions Bunch
Tomatoes Cherry Vine (300g)
Tomatoes Large Beef 2 Per Pack
Tomatoes Salad 6 Per Pack
Watercress Bunch