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Radford Mill Farm Shop

High Street Hero - Radford Mill Family

Radford Mill Farm is a 112 acre farm managed organically since 1976. We host large numbers of volunteers, mostly through the WWOOF organisation, whose help and enthusiasm enliven our community and greatly assist with farm work. The farm shop, based in Montpelier has supplied the local Bristol community with Organic produce since 1978 and is widely recognized as one of the very first organic wholefoods stores to open in Bristol. Creating links with the local community is a strong focus of the farm that has developed as we sell our produce locally. As we work with schools, conservation groups, local arts organisations and residential homes RMF has become a well known and vital part of the community.

41 Picton St, Bristol, BS6 5PZ
Carrots (500g)
Leeks 3 Per Pack
Parsnips (750g)
Potatoes Baking 4 Per Pack
Apples Radford Mill Green 4 Per Pack
Apples Radford Mill Green 4 Per Pack
Apples Radford Mill Green 7 Per Pack
Apples Radford Mill Farm Red 4 Per Pack
Apples Radford Mill Farm Red 7 Per Pack
Pear Green Williams 4 Per Pack
Pears Radford Mill Farm 7 Per Pack
Grapes Red (750g)
Aduki Beans 500g
Black Turtle Beans 500g
Butter Beans 500g
Cannellini Beans 500g
Chick Peas 500g
Green Lentils 500g
Haricot Beans 500g
Kidney Beans 500g
Mung Beans 500g
Puy Lentils 500g
Red Lentils 500g
Soup Mix 500g
Soya Beans 500g
Yellow Split Peas 500g
Melon Honeydew Whole
Pineapple Whole
Watermelon Half (750g Approx.)
Avocado 4 Per Pack
Celery Whole
Cucumber Whole
Fennel Bulb Whole
Landcress Bunch
Lettuce Little Gem 2 Per Pack
Mixed Salad Bag (125g)
Peppers Yellow 3 Per Pack
Red Chilli 2 Per Pack
Rocket (100g)
Spinach (200g)
Aborio Rice 1kg
Brown Basmati 1kg
Long Grain Brown Rice 1kg
Short Grain Brown Rice 1kg
White Basmati 1kg
Chia Seeds 250g
Goji Berries 250g
Golden Lin Seeds (Flax Seeds) 250g
Hulled Hemp Seeds 250g
Poppy Seeds 250g
Pumpkin Seeds 250g
Sesame Seeds 250g
Sunflower Seeds 250g
Brazil Nuts 250g
Cashew Nuts 250g
Hazelnuts 125g
Pine Nuts 100g
Raw Pea Nuts 250g
Walnuts 125g
Date & Apricot Muesli 1kg
Deluxe Muesli 1kg
Jumbo Porige Oats 1kg
Rolled Porige Oats 1kg