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High Street Hero - Stephen Hall

The Incredible Brewing Company began production in September 2014. The beers are often innovative, utilising seasonal ingredients. The company has won awards for their Raspberry Wheat Beer. Our ethos remains the same as we have bring fresh, natural hand-crafted beers to a wider market and to promote beer as more exclusive product.

214-244 Broomhill Road, Brislington, Bristol , BS4 5RG



Craft Beer Box (6 Beers)

Gift box with carry handle Includes: 4 Core, 2 Speciality beers Brewers selection based on availability.

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Craft Beer Box (12 Beers)

Includes: 7 Core, 5 Speciality beers. Brewers selection based on availability.

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Grapefruit Ipa Abv 5.6%

Robust and hoppy with a clean resinous bitterness balanced perfectly with a powerful citrus aroma of tropical flowers and fruits.

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Pale Ale Abv 4.4%

The crisp brightness of the light malts blend satisfyingly with a zesty floral characteristic and a tropical fruit finish.

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Amber Ale Abv 5.2%

Auburn malty ale balanced with a slight orange citrus aroma and finish.

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Indian Pale Ale Abv 6.6%

This IPA is intensely hopped and has a robust maltiness and clean citrus finish.

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Black Ipa Abv 6.4%

Smooth reddish hue of malts and chocolate notes balance with an intense clean citrus finish.

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Raspberry Wheat Beer Abv 5.2%

A Belgian wheat beer. Light and refreshing with an irresistable warm, sweet-sour raspberry finish.

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American Wheat Beer Abv 5.2%

An American Wheat Beer with a hazy appearance and packed full of refreshing citrus flavours and aromas.

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Nettle Beer Abv 4.0%

Fresh young Nettle tops bring an earthy spiciness with a floral finish from the hops.

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