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Stoke Bishop Fruiterers

High Street Hero - Sophie and Paul

Stoke Hill has had a greengrocers for over 50 years. Upon returning to England after 14 years in Stockholm, Sophie and Paul took over the business. We offer quality produce which is seasonal and local where possible, and hope to secure the shop's future for the next 50 years.

63 Stoke Hill, Bristol , BS9 1EP
Grapefruit Red 2 Per Pack
Large Oranges 4 Per Pack
Large Oranges 7 Per Pack
Lemons 4 Per Pack
Limes 4 Per Pack
Pink Grapefruit 2 Per Pack
Satsumas 600g
Small Oranges 4 Per Pack
Small Oranges 7 Per Pack
Yellow Grapefruit 2 Per Pack
Banana 7 Per Pack
Cantaloupe Melon
Galia Melon
Kiwi 4 Per Pack
Watermelon Half (Approx 1kg)
Watermelon Whole (Approx 2kg)
Basil 30g
Chives 30g
Coriander 30g
Mint 30g
Parsley Flat Leaf Small Bunch
Rosemary 30g
Sage 30g
Thyme 30g
Baby Leaf Salad (100g)
Cherry Vine Tomatoes (2 Vines)
Cucumber Whole
Fennel Bulb Whole
Green Pepper
Iceberg Lettuce Whole
Red Pepper
Spinach Baby Leaf (250g)
Spring Onions Bunch
Tomatoes 6 Per Pack
Tomatoes Large Vine (1 Vine)
Yellow Pepper
Avocado Guaranteed Ripe
Aubergines Whole 2 Per Pack
Butternut Squash Whole
Chestnut Mushrooms (250g)
Closed Cup Mushrooms (250g)
Field Mushrooms (200g)