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High Street Hero - Rosy

East Bristol Bakery is an award winning small open plan bakery in the heart of Easton. They believe in real bread with no unnecessary ingredients. Our high street hero is Rosy who is one of our bakers. "I've got the best job, everyday I get to be part of this magical transformation of just a few simple ingredients; organic flour, salt, water and leaven into our delicious, sustaining, warm, crusty loaves. I hope you enjoy eating our bread as much as we do."

112 St Mark's Rd, Bristol, BS5 6JD



Bakers Choice

We will put aside whichever speciality sourdough loaf we are making that day. It could be a three seed, five seed, wheat and rye blend,...

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Large Seeded Sourdough

This will be either a three seeded or five seeded sourdough, depending on which loaf is available on the day of your collection.

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Baguettes (Aprox 300g)

Sourdough baguette made with poolish and leaven. *** Please note that this product is available only for Saturday delivery/click&collect.

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