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High Street Hero - Flavia & Dario

We are Flavia & Dario, an Italian couple with a deep love for simple living, self-reliance and learning from nature. Flavia is the main grower at LSG. She has a passion for propagation, and experimenting with novel varieties and exotic edibles. Dario is a research scientist in the biophysics of living micro-organisms. He is fascinated by the interplay of soil microbiology and plant nutrition. He helps Flavia with crop planning and soil management. His passion is exploring ways to manage thriving and productive ecosystems by working with nature, simply & mindfully. Our vision is that of a world where a family's food is produced within its neighbourhood. This can happen only if more and more people enjoy and engage in vegetable growing. Thus, we strive to share all the aspects of what we do, openly and transparently.

Living Soil Garden, Goffin Land, Church Hil, Exeter, EX4 9JL

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