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High Street Hero - Jumi Cheese

All of the unique products at Jumi Cheese are produced by four family-run dairies in the Emmental region of Switzerland. The cows whose milk supplies Jumi’s dairies all feed on fresh grass and hay, and the farmers start and end the process by hand. Specialities include belper knolle, a raw cow’s milk cheese made from the milk of the simmental cow, and spahn, a hard cheese made with a ricotta rather than milk base. Now available from Borough Market Online.

8 Southwark St, London, SE1 1TL

Top Picks


Belper Knolle (Approx. 80g)

Belper knolle is our most innovative cheese, our pride and the signature of Jumi. The production of this unusual looking hard cheese...

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Sänf Figs And Apple Mustard

This coarse-grained mustard with sweet notes of figs and apple is the new bewitching creation of the Jumi secret kitchen. Amazing is the...

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Mature Schlossberger (Approx. 100g)

This traditional cheese is matured in a cave next to the old ruin of schlossberg castle, deep in the valley of emmental. It is carefully...

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Aarewasser (Approx. 100g)

Just like the climate in the aare valley, the flavour of this cheese is mild and creamy. Aarewasser owes its name to the pure spring...

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Mature Emmental (Approx. 100g)

It's History, It's Tradition: This traditional recipe dates back five generations and has been perfected over the years. After 5 months...

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Après Soleil (Approx. 100g)

The name après soleil comes from the unique maturation process for this cheese during which sunlight streams into the cave and alters...

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Cironé (Approx. 100g)

Cironé is distinctive not only in it’s intensely rich flavour, but also in it’s great age. Over a period of several years, the cheese is...

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Hanfmutschli (Approx. 100g)

This cheese was masterminded by the wife of the artisan, who found hemp growing in her garden. She used the roasted seeds and hemp oil to...

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La Bouse (Approx. 200g Per Piece)

A delightfully creamy cows milk cheese, which runs over the plate like fresh cow pat. This speciality recipe uses cream from the previous...

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Raclette From Emmental Valley (Natural) (Approx. 100g)

There is nothing better than the mouth-watering aroma of melting cheese and enjoying a delicious dish of raclette and potatoes during the...

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Mürgu (Approx. 100g)

The characteristic blue and white moulds are grown on fresh cheese flakes, which are then pressed together by hand to produce this unique...

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Blaus Hirni Blue Brain (Approx. 120g)

Cream cheese with rosemary – yes, that‘s what it's meant to be! But somehow blue mould grew on top of this fresh cheese resulting in the...

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Le Bêle (Approx. 100g)

For the mould to be able to grow and develop its aroma within the cheese, oxygen must find its way to the spurs. This happens by plunging...

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Crème Chèvre (Approx. 130g)

Crème chèvre originates in the emmental, where the goats produce a full cream milk that is richer than in other regions, which produces...

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Truffle Honey

The spiez truffles are dug up and carefully selected in the autumn truffle season, shelled, and the core and tubers are pressed in oil...

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Hand Slicer

Belper Knolle Cellar: Ideal to store the belper knolle. Cellar Slice: To slice the belper knolle directly into the belper knolle ...

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