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High Street Hero - German Deli

At German Deli, even the ketchup is German: were the sauerkraut, bratwurst and red and white tablecloth not proof enough of the stall’s unimpeachable authenticity. Among their range of cooking sausages is Thüringian bratwurst—the most popular of German Deli’s offering—which has been made in the same place for hundreds of years, as well as veal and pork bockwurst and the familiar frankfurter.

German Deli Stall- Borough Market, Green market, 8 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL



Frankfurter 4 Pack

A delicately smoked sausage, ready to eat hot or cold. Ideal for Hot Dogs!

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Krakauer 4 Pack

A smoked and cured sausage with a hint of garlic. Equally good eaten cold, grilled, simmered or in casseroles.

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Currywurst 4 Pack

The most hotly debated topic in Germany: What's the best sausage for currywurst? We think it's this one!

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Mettenden 4 Pack

Coarse smoked sausage, ideal for Grünkohl or pea soup. Needs cooking!

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Nuernberger 14 Pack

One of the most famous sausages only made in Nuremberg. Suitable for grilling and shallow frying.

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Thüringer Bratwurst 5 Pack

The most popular German sausage for grilling or shallow frying.

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Weisswurst 5 Pack

The famous Bavarian breakfast sausage refined with fresh parsley, nutmeg and lemon, traditionally eaten with sweet mustard.

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Landjäger 4 Pack

A medium coarse sausage traditionally eaten cold with a stein of beer.

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Maultaschen 360g

This is what filled pasta looks like, once the Germans get their hand on it: filled with meat (and a bit of spinach as a concession to...

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