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High Street Hero - Ewa Weremij

Bianca Mora’s stall takes its name from two rare Italian breeds: the Bianca Modenese cow from Emilia Romagna and the free range Mora Romagnola pig. Specialising in charcuterie, parmigiano reggiano (parmesan) and pecorino cheese, Bianca Mora sources its products from a collection of small farms in northern Italy. The star of the charcuterie is the hand-carved leg of the Mora Romagnola pig, which spends its life feeding on acorns and chestnuts, lending the meat a subtle but distinctive flavour. All the products on the Borough Market stall are organic and several enjoy Italian DOP status, guaranteeing an authentic taste of northern Italy.

Unit 24, Three Crown Square, Borough Market , London, SE1 1TL