High Street Hero - Palace Culture

Handcrafted in Crystal Palace from organic nuts, Cornish sea salt and all manner of different spices and herbs, these cheeses are biting back at the belief that vegan cheese is bland. Their cheeses range from hard (wine washed cashew nut cheese) and semi-soft (black ash, goat-style cheese and cashew camembert) to spreadable (smoked almond ricotta and smoked ‘salmon’ cream cheese, made from carrots marinated in nori), and are as well suited for cooking with as they are eating as is, on a cracker. Fermented using live cultures and even aged for up to three or four months, Palace Culture is perfect for people on a dairy-free diet or looking to bolster their intake of plant-based foods.

Borough Market, 8 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL

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