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High Street Hero - Vincenzo, Iacopo and Alessandro

During our London life we crossed our paths in such a way that we see each other as family. Our own family, away from Italy, united by the passion for artisan food.

16 Ashby St, London, EC1V 0ED



Belly Fillet, Sliced (600 G)

The belly is the most delicate part of the salmon with a buttery flavour, similar to salmon sashimi with a hint of smoke and a juicy...

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Tail Fillet, Sliced (400 G)

The tail is the smokiest part of the salmon with a tender texture. The flesh is lean and full of character, the slices are smaller and...

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Whole Side, Sliced (1.2kg)

The whole side is our best experience, taking you on a tasty journey through the different gradients of texture and smokiness. It is the...

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Smokin’ Trays 2 X200 G

"Our salmon is sustainably sourced in the UK. Hand cured and smoked in our Smokery at the Daylesford Farm and carefully wrapped in...

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