The Ginger Pig Leg of Lamb

by Best of Borough Market Boxes


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Product Description

This Leg of Lamb will feed a family of 4-6. Included is The Ginger Pig Leg of Lamb, along with all the veg & trimmings you'll need for the perfect Sunday from Borough Market.

Ginger Pig:
Leg of Lamb (Approx 1.8kg)
Apple & Mint Jelly
Ginger Pig Gravy
Starks Fruiters:
Spring Roast Veg Box, seasonal veg including potatoes, carrots, greens, Rosemary & Garlic
Spice Mountain:
Rosemary Infused Salt

With the option to pair with wine:
Cartwright Brothers Vintners:
Chateau Reynier Cuvèè Hèritage Bordeaux 2016 Vintage
Red - Chateau Reynier Bordeaux 2018 Vintage
Beadles of Borough Wine:
Fondo San Giuseppe Caramore 2016 Vintage

Allergen Information

May contain traces of Mustard, Celery.

Further Details

Please note, some items may differ from picture due to seasonal Changes