Natural Stone Layered Handmade Adjustable Boho Wrap Bracelets | Multiple Stone / Colour Options Available | Denim Sea Sediment



This elegant wear-anywhere jewel is made of natural stone beads. The natural stones are round and roughly 4-5mm. The bracelet is adjustable and approximately 85 cm long and it has 10cm extension with multiple button holes therefore adjustable for any wrist size. It's a handcrafted and unique piece of great gift for both Women and Men.

This gorgeous gemstone bracelet is a multistrand / multilayer bracelet and wraps around the wrist about 5 layers.

There are multiple colour / gemstone options available; African Turquoise, Frosty Purple Agate, Blue Sea Sediment and Denim Sediment.

The high quality of the craftsmanship makes the bracelet a great choice for not just for special occasions but also everyday use as well.


Natural Stone
Wrap bracelet 85 - 90 cm
Approximately 5 Layers

Other Information

Care Instructions:
• Do not wear whilst sleeping, taking part in physical activities or whilst bathing
• Do not overextend / overstretch bracelets, as they may break under excessive force.
• Do not expose to high temperatures, water or to sunlight for prolonged periods as this will weaken any elastic there may be.
• Avoid direct contact with perfume, deodorant or any kind of chemicals.
• Keep out of the reach of children.

Healing, Power and Properties:
• We do not claim or guarantee that our products have any power or properties. They are sold purely as fashion accessories.
• Natural gemstone jewellery must never be used to treat any illnesses or conditions, without first consulting with a healthcare professional and in no way should be used instead of conventional medicine.
• Please consult your Doctor if you have any healthcare concerns, whether physical or mental.

Shape, Size, Colour and Texture of the Stones:
• Stones are tumbled as efficiently as possible to remove sharp edges although care should still be taken when wearing as sharper ends may still remain.
• All sizes are approximate; as each item is handcrafted, they all differ slightly in size; if you have a specific size requirement please contact prior to purchase.
• Uniqueness of the gemstones is that they all differ in appearance, shade, shape and size therefore they all have different patterns, textures and they will likely look almost the same but still be different then the shade of the colours shown; they may be darker or lighter, smaller or larger as well as having natural inclusions and fractures.


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