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Shopping online from independent shops has never been easier

Get your favourite food delivered to your door

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Bath's local & independent shops in one place

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Not far until you can pre-order your turkey!

In the meantime check out our butchers

Bristol's first zero waste whole foods shop

Find a way of doing your weekly shop without filling up your bins and recycling

Discover a new way of plastic-free shopping


Browse the freshest and best quality produce

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Order good food direct from
independent shops, cafés & artisan producers

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Discover the best food shops, cafés & artisan producers in your area


Buy direct from them online through
Good Sixty

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They'll deliver to your door or prepare your order for collection

Why Good Sixty?

Every pound spent in YOUR local independent shop has a 60% greater benefit to YOUR local community than spending it with a large supermarket
60 percent

Good for you.
Good for retailers.
Good for everyone!

Order from our good butchers, bakers & fishcake makers

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