Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oil Spray Mist


From Bill & Edna Derbyshire

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Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oil Spray Mist (100ml) from Ancient Wisdom

Made in Sheffield using Yorkshire water, witch-hazel and natural essential oils

Ideal to enhance your mood, promoting a feeling of relaxation and serenity any time of the day or night.

To unwind, spray the mist above the head or spritz directly onto bed linen to encourage a better night’s sleep.

Lavender & Fennel - Good for relaxation and focus

Lemon Verbena - Believed to awaken sensuality, intuition and imagination and helps stimulate mental activity, especially the creative and logical thinking side.

Thyme & Mint - Thyme essential oil is a great way to get your mental wheels turning. Its stimulating aroma promotes a sense of alertness and spearmint with its components of carvone and limonene have energising and uplifting properties.

Yorkshire Water & Witch Hazel

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